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A compact home with a Scandinavian-inspired aesthetic, the Bungalow was created by design and building company The Sociable Weaver. One of the main focuses of the project was to create a home that has minimal impact on the environment and offers a space for reflection and tranquillity.

Design and Build The Sociable Weaver
Photographer Marnie Hawson 

Social and environmental responsibility is a cornerstone of The Sociable Weaver’s design process. Each of their projects has been carefully considered to minimise carbon footprints and connect the inhabitants to nature. The designers are also conscious of how spaces can affect wellbeing, so they continually look to promote a balanced state of mind.

The Bungalow is a prime example of what The Sociable Weaver seeks to create. Especially, considering the architect and owner of the home is Reece Stubbs, General Manager of The Sociable Weaver. Stubbs’ philosophy is one of minimalism and eco-conscious living.

"When creating The Bungalow, it was really important for us that the house was a direct reflection of our desire to strip back our lives."

Reece Stubbs, General Manager, The Sociable Weaver.

When it came to design, Stubbs was inspired by practical Scandinavian living and the way Japanese-designed spaces can positively influence behaviour. The façade is reminiscent of Scandinavian architecture, with a coastal look and feel that strikes a balance between classic and modern motifs.

On paper, the offering inside is on the smaller side, with just three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a total living size of 120m2. However, it’s the way the space is utilised that sets it apart from other builds. A stripped-back approach to living ensures every area in the home serves a purpose, bringing to mind the famous William Morris quote, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

A tucked-away European laundry and study nook in the mezzanine are shining examples of how The Sociable Weaver made the most of the modest floorplan without making the home feel cramped or lacklustre. High-quality finishes emphasise the ingenuity behind the construction, and the neutral palette promotes mindfulness throughout every space.

The Bungalow’s main living area benefits from a double-height raked ceiling, which creates a sense of calm that’s ideal for quiet reflection, and fills the home with natural light that streams through the large raked windows. The Bungalow may present a simplified approach to living, but it delivers it with such style and grace that the home stands as a flagship example of sustainable and minimalist construction.

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