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When married couple Jen Vonic-Joyce and Gary Hatcher bought a Middleton weekender to be closer to their adult children, they had no intention of making it their full-time home. A major renovation changed everything, and the property soon became home, sweet home.
Builder Salt Building
Photographer Robert Geh
Products Quantum Windows and Doors

The transformation of Jen and Greg's Middleton property was guided by an unusual design preference: they don’t like colour. Instead of restricting their design options, this direction allowed them to select features with purpose and create a space that truly matched their vision.

At its location in South Australia, where the summers can be incredibly hot and dry, Jen and Greg’s palette doesn’t offer darkness; instead, it brings a comforting feeling of respite and relaxation. Now their holiday house of over a decade is a chic full-time home. The result is an incredible combination of dark, evocative tones across the walls, cabinetry, and furnishings counterpointed by plenty of natural light and a seamless connection with the outdoors.

The extension is primarily a kitchen and living space designed at the rear of the existing house. Wandering through from the original home to the new, the grandness of the new space brings awe – and a welcoming sense of calm.

Natural light illuminates the entire living space, emphasising the loftiness of the ceiling and amplifying the relaxed feeling of the home. This is achieved through Quantum Fixed Windows, which have been custom made to match the unique shape of the build.

Across the living area, the signature textural blacks and browns are harmonised by thoughtful and beautiful details, like rare splashes of colour and the warm tones of the recycled-timber flooring.

Middleton, known for hot summers and refreshing sea breezes, is a perfect place to embrace outdoor living. The living space of the extension opens seamlessly to the rear yard – making it ideal for dining on a summer’s evening, spending time with the family, or entertaining guests.

The transition between inside and out is achieved through Quantum Cavity Stacking Doors. The doors slide, almost invisibly, into the wall cavity to connect the indoors to the outside with elegant subtlety.

Over the years of visiting Middleton as holidayers, Jen and Greg’s family formed the fondest of memories. Now with their holiday-turned-forever home, they’re all set to make even more. With luxury and style, this Middleton home is anything but middling.

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