The privacy range of glazing options allows for high level light transmittance, while obscuring the view from outside. Different levels of obscurity are available and the range can be toughened or laminated to provide a Grade A safety. Ideal for bathrooms, bedrooms, front entry doors or any area you want to block from prying eyes.

  • Textured Glass
  • Textured glass

    Great for light diffusion, privacy and
    as a decorative feature, textured glass
    can be laminated or toughened for
    Grade A safety glass. Three options:
    Satinlite, Cathedral, Spotswood.

  • Translucent and Acid Etched Glass
  • Translucent
    Laminated crisp white frosted look,
    the interlayer provides the effect.
    Grade A safety glass.


    Acid etched

    Acid etch has a translucent satin
    matte finish. Can be toughened
    for Grade A safety glass.

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