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A simple care and maintenance routine can ensure that the appearance and performance of your aluminium windows and doors last for many years. Explore our guide to maintaining your aluminium windows and doors below.

Always store windows and doors upright in a dry area out of exposure from the weather.

Aluminium windows and doors with unprimed reveals should be primed before installation into a cavity brick construction to avoid moisture absorption. If storage is likely to exceed 14 days, it is recommended to seal all surfaces and edges beforehand to protect the product. Window reveals which have not been protected from the elements within two weeks of being delivered to site will not be covered by your warranty.

Do not store or move frames in a way that alters the square positioning of the frame.

Keep the protective film (if fitted) on your product for as long as possible. However, the adhesive protective film should be removed within 90 days of delivery.

Protect window and door surfaces from mortar, brick cleaning acid and plaster. Wash away any spillage immediately or permanent damage will result. Failure to protect windows from any mortar, brick cleaning acid or plaster will void the warranty.

Your windows and doors should be wiped down with a mixture of warm water and non-abrasive, pH neutral detergent. You can use a soft cloth, sponge or a soft natural bristle brush. Rinse thoroughly after cleaning to remove any residue and dry with a soft cloth.

The tracks in which sliding windows or doors move should be cleaned at the same time. To maintain the performance of your window and door tracks, it is recommended that you vacuum the tracks on a regular basis. In addition, treat the tracks yearly with a light dry lubricant silicone spray. This will maintain a smooth sliding action.

When washing your windows and doors, never direct powerful streams of water directly at the window(s) or door(s). To gently clean and avoid the risk of water leaking into your home, use the sprinkle setting on your hose’s nozzle and direct the water downwards.

Do not use solvents or caustic or abrasive cleaners on powdercoated finishes. For anodised finishes only: if the above tips for cleaning are not successful, a mild solvent such as kerosene or mineral turpentine can be used with care.

City - Cities and suburbs in normal, clean air environments. At least every 6 months.

Rural - A rural area exposed to weed-killing chemicals or fertilisers. At least every 3 months.

Coastal - Within 10km of breaking surf or 1km of non-surf coastline, including rivers and other bodies of water. At least every month. Products installed in sheltered areas need to be cleaned more often as salt or other pollutants can build up without being washed away by rainfall.

It is not recommended to paint over aluminium frames – doing so will void your warranty and does not offer the durability of the initial finish. It can also be a tricky job involving either disassembly of the doors or painting with the glass and seals in place. If painting with glass and seals in place, it can be difficult to avoid overspray getting on the components. Painting the frames could also affect the operation of your doors. In the event of minor scratches or marks on your initial finish, touch up paint is available.

Remove aluminium screen. Place in bathtub or shower if indoors;on lawn or hard surface if outdoors (be sure to avoid exposure to dirt).

Gently spray with water and brush lightly with soft bristle brush until clean.

For stubborn dirt, gently scrub with soft bristle brush and mild soap and water.

Rinse clean and let dry.

Reinstall screen.

In the case that screens can’t be removed (or screens are timber framed), gently spray with water and brush lightly with soft bristle brush until clean. When washing your screens, never direct powerful streams of water directly at the product. Always use the sprinkle setting on the nozzle of your hose to avoid the risk of water leaking into your home.

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