Window and Door Selection

Find the best solution for you.

Every home design brings its own unique set of requirements and challenges.

One of the most significant decisions you’ll have to make (and early on the process, too) is selecting your windows and doors.

Before choosing, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration, for example your local climate, and your home’s location and orientation. And remember, depending on their position, different windows and doors often demand different levels of performance.

So where to start?

Understand your performance requirements

First you need to understand the performance requirements for each of your windows and doors to achieve your whole house rating.

Your architect, builder or energy rater will provide the performance criteria of your windows and doors typically as follows:

  • U Value – Measures the temperature which is transferred or flows through a window or door. For example, how effective is it at keeping the heat or cold in or out. A lower U Value indicates better insulation properties.
  • SHGC – Measures the ability to reduce heat generated by sunlight. The lower the SHGC number, the better the glass is at keeping the sun’s heat out of the house. Likewise, in a cold climate the higher the SHGC number, the more natural warmth will occur.

Choosing your window and door frames

Next, you’ll need to choose your window and door frames based on your home’s design, window and door size requirements and the performance criteria your architect, builder or energy rater has specified.

The material of your window and door frames will impact your home’s overall comfort levels, acoustics and energy efficiency.

As an example timber is a natural insulator and therefore the best performing from an energy perspective.

There are 3 material options: timber, aluminium, and a hybrid of aluminium and extruded rigid polymer.

Choosing your product options

Lastly, complete your window and door specifications by considering what’s important to you.

A range of colour, glass, hardware, BAL ratings, screens are available to improve the aesthetics, comfort, acoustics, security and privacy around your home.