If safety and protection are priorities, we offer a wide range of performance glass options to meet your requirements. There are two types of Grade A safety glass available. Grade A safety glass is harder to break and offers greater security against accidental injury, attempted break-ins and severe weather conditions.

  • Glazing Range
  • Toughened glass

    Heating and rapid cooling creates
    glass that looks like standard glass.
    If broken, however, toughened
    glass fractures into small particles,
    significantly reducing the risk of
    injury. It’s often used in low level
    glazing, internal and external glass
    doors, showerscreens and balcony
    balustrades. Toughened glass also
    withstands temperature differentials
    of approximately 250°C, making
    it useful in bushfire applications.

    Laminated glass

    Laminated glass is where two sheets
    of glass are bonded with a clear
    vinyl interlayer. When subjected to
    impact, the interlayer means the
    glass remains intact and resists
    penetration. It will also stay in situ if
    broken. Depending on the level of
    security required there are different
    types of laminated glass available.

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