Australia has some of the harshest sunlight in the world. Maintaining a comfortable indoor environment is difficult, when temperatures rise and fall during the day and between seasons. To improve your overall comfort and well being there are a range of glazing options which allow you to improve your home’s insulation, reducing both your carbon footprint and your energy consumption.

  • Double Glazing and Low E Glass
  • Double glazing

    Double glazed units are made by filling a space between two pieces of glass with air or gas, creating the most energy efficient windows and doors available. With double glazed windows and doors, your home will have fewer cold spots and drafts, keeping your living space comfortable all year round and reducing the need for artificial heating and cooling. Double glazing can also eliminate condensation that damages timber frames, architraves or flooring. Thanks to their thermal efficiency, they give architects and designers the freedom to achieve larger openings while still achieving the required energy star ratings.


    Low E glass

    Low E glass has a transparent low emissivity coating that reflects heat while still allowing in maximum light, helping keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter. By blocking the sun’s harmful UV rays, laminated Low E glass also reduces fading on furniture, carpet and curtains. Low E glass allows large window openings that meet energy star ratings. Laminated and single glazed options are available and it can also be double glazed for increased insulation. Note: Low E glass can appear hazy in certain conditions.

  • Toned Glass
  • Toned glass

    Toned glass significantly reduces the sun’s heat and glare, making it perfect for Australia’s extreme summers. The darker the tint, the more heat it absorbs, reducing the need for artificial cooling and, in turn, your energy consumption. Toned glass is a great choice for unshaded windows or applications where the ideal window position is unachievable. There are grey, bronze and green options available, with grey offering the best performance. But before choosing a colour, consider the look and feel as part of your overall design.

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