Botanica Timber Series

Your home is the ultimate reflection of who you are. The design decisions you make and the materials you choose will determine your lifestyle. With timber, your possible palette is almost unlimited, whether you want a traditional feel or are looking to add an organic touch to a sleek modern design. So set your own trend with Botanica.

Unified Size across Cedar and Meranti

The Botanica timber series features a unified design and size range and is available in either cedar or meranti. Botanica is constructed from engineered timber to minimise the effects of sun and moisture on the product over time.

Why choose Cedar?
Western Red Cedar is renowned for its natural beauty and colour variation. It works well indoors and outdoors, and achieves any look from natural and rustic to clean and contemporary. It also resists warping, cupping, twisting, rot, and termites. To enhance cedar’s grain and colour it is most commonly stained, however it is possible to achieve a painted finish.

Why choose Meranti?
Meranti is of medium hardness, is easily handled and machined, and is very reasonably priced. It has a uniformly straight grain with few variations and is resistant to warping, cupping and twisting. Meranti readily accepts both stain and paint finishes. Meranti is widely used for decorative applications, including windows, doors, moulding and skirtings.

Engineered timber

With the aim to bring a better quality timber product to the market, Trend has sourced engineered timber components.

View our Engineered Timber flyer for more information.