Aluminium windows & doors offers the advantage of durability and affordability

Trends latest range of aluminium windows and doors sees this versatile material come of age setting new benchmarks for style and performance.

Aluminium products

RESIDENTIAL  Synergy & Quantum



Why choose aluminium?

Trend aluminium windows and doors are the perfect solution for your needs making it simple to add the essential sense, light and space that has become the hallmark of the classic Australian home. And when it comes to practicalities you will find everything you expect from aluminium and more. Everything from energy efficiency to security is enhanced by the latest thing in frames, glazing and hardware.

  • Ask about our variety of energy efficient glazing options to suit specific climate requirements to improve the thermal performance of your home.
  • Trend offers experience, quality and service that you can rely on. Trend understands that choosing the right aluminium windows and door for your home is critical.

Trend has a range of different styles of aluminium windows & doors to suit any project that you undertake. The Synergy Residential Series is the basic classic aluminium windows and doors to suit any simple project.  Otherwise you can choose to Quantum Architectural Series where the sections are bulkier and larger to suit any high end contemporary or upmarket style.

More aluminium options

Aluminium is a versatile material that is able suitable to any environment. Trend offers three separate aluminium series focused on reducing noise, energy usage and bushfire improving both the quality of your home and confidence in these extreme conditions.