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Understanding where to begin can be the most difficult part of your building project.

When selecting windows and doors for your upcoming project there are a number of things that need to be considered. The following is a list of items you may need to consider for your project.

1) The Building

Various features of the building itself can affect and determine important design decisions within you building project.

  • Are you renovating an existing home or a new dwelling?
  • Will it be used for long-term or short term living or for later resale?
  • Consider the use of rooms in the property and the direction they face.
  • Understand your location and the surrounding the properties. Some councils have allocated areas with conform to a historical feature and style E.g. Federation or Colonial.

2) Window & Door Style

When considering windows think about the available outside views, will the windows be over looking gardens, parks or beaches? Use a combination of window styles to capture these views.

When considering doors think about the area they will open out to, will the doors lead into an entertaining area, another room, a deck or verandah?

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3) Timber & Aluminium

Timber & Aluminium

The decision between aluminium and timber can be difficult however the main points to consider are:

  • Maintenance
  • Look and feel
  • Material qualities

Timber Range

  • Timber can require more maintenance compared to aluminium however this can be reduced when using quality finishes.
  • The warmth and natural quality of timber can match internal & external decor by finishing each face in different colours.
  • Timber naturally contains improved energy efficient properties in comparison to aluminium.

Aluminium Range

  • Aluminium is inherently low maintenance.
  • Aluminium is pre-finished and powder coated with a wide selection of colours.
    View our standard and designer range of Powdercoat Colours for aluminium.
  • Aluminium can reach higher Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) ratings.

4) Product Performance

Trend Windows & Doors Aluminium Range

Trend Windows & Doors Timber Species

5) Glazing / Glass

Glazing / Glass

With major concerns on energy reductions, the glazing becomes extremely important in the overall decision making.

In general the main considerations are:

  • Reducing external noise
  • Summer heat
  • Winter cold
  • All year round comfort

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6) Quoting / Ordering / Installation

Quoting / Ordering

You can submit a quote online through the following link:

Trend also offer a free quoting service by showroom sales personnel. Please provide a copy of the building plan with window and door schedules as well as sizes, product types and colours.


Are you installing yourself or engaging a builder? This decision is as important as the product itself.

Trend Windows & Doors are solely a manufacturer and supplier of windows and doors. If you require an installer please contact our sales staff through the details below.

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