• Trend thermAL

    Trend thermAL – Video (2014)

    Australia is progressing rapidly towards a more energy efficient future. To improve energy efficiency in construction, significant changes have been made to the Building Code of Australia, including the introduction of mandatory 6 star ratings for new housing.

    Trend® Windows & Doors has undertaken extensive research and development to produce a more advanced and energy efficient product that enables these new building requirements to be achieved cost efficiently.

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  • Trend thermAL - Home Ideas Expo

    Home Ideas Expo Trend thermAL – Video (2012)

    The more energy efficient the building the higher the star rating obtained. Remember you can achieve more higher than 6 star rating for your project, depending on what energy efficiency solutions you use these can assist in lowering your energy usage for heating and cooling, in turn helping lower your energy bill costs. Trend Windows & Doors have energy efficiency solutions to help you achieve your six star energy ratings on your windows and doors for your project.

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  • Crestlite Windsor Door

    Crestlite Windsor Sliding Door – Video (2014)

    Crestlite® windows and doors systems is the designer’s solution for a specific commercial application or that distinctive high end residential project. The Crestlite series offers an upmarket range of commercial framing systems that can be integrated with Trend’s residential and architectural range of windows and doors for those challenging commercial designs.

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  • Xtreme Bushfire Protection

    Xtreme Bushfire Protection – Video (2014)

    The dangers of our hot, dry Australian summer are all too familiar during bushfire season. Many homes destroyed in bushfires survive the passing of the initial fire front only to succumb to embers and debris borne on the wind. This is why Trend has developed the Xtreme bushfire protection range of aluminium windows and doors.

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