• Trend Windows & Doors

    Trend Windows & Doors is the company name and our main brand. We manufacture both aluminium, timber products and an energy efficiency range of window and door products. Trend Timber range is available in both Western Red Cedar (WRC) & Meranti timber species.
  • Synergy

    The Synergy residential series is Trend’s standard slim aluminium profile range of windows and doors.

  • Quantum

    The Quantum architectural series is a premium aluminium windows and doors range with a thicker frames ideal for architectural styled buildings.

  • Trend thermAL

    The Trend thermAL energy efficiency series utilizes an energy efficient window and door system to help improve the thermal performance of your home.

  • Trend Botanica

    Trend timber – Botanica timber series features a unified design and size range and is available in either cedar or meranti.

  • Crestlite

    The Crestlite commercial aluminium series offers an upmarket range of commercial framing systems that can be integrated with Trend’s residential and architectural range of windows and doors.

  • Thermashield

    Thermashield are approved customised Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS) window energy ratings options for all Trend brand’s in the windows and doors range.

  • Xtreme Windows & Doors

    Xtreme Bushfire Windows & Doors are Trend’s range of Bushfire windows and doors suitable for bushfire zones up to BAL40.

  • SoundMizer

    SoundMizer is the acoustics options available for Trend brand’s in the windows and doors range to help with noise insulation.

  • Framex

    Framex brand is part of our Western Red Cedar timber craftsman custom made range.